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Our Products
We license our technology to retailers and manufacturers. Experience the Hointer suite of products all at once or deploy them gradually, product-by-product.


Increase Sales

Increase the number of items customers are trying on by 4x

In Store CRM

Connect sales associates with customers in store

Save Space

Shrink store footprint 5x to reduce rent - or increase selection

Reduce Manpower

Eliminate 60% of mundane in-store tasks and free associates to focus on sales

Optimize Buying

Improve assortment by utilizing in store data and analytics

Lower Inventory

Omnichannel inventory management with full in store control
Work With Us
Our technology enables retailers to innovate the customer experience in incremental steps or all at once. Our system works well for Apparel, Shoes, Jewelry, Electronics, Groceries, Home, Office and many other products.


Start with our simplest solution: eTags plus the OmniCart or Associate Connection. Later on, upgrade to Digital Media. Increase your sales by adding Whoosh Fitting rooms for trying products. Lower your costs and make shipping from stores easy by introducing Microwarehouse. Experience the Hointer suite of products all at once or deploy gradually, product-by-product.

The Best of Both Worlds

All Hointer products can peacefully coexist with an old way of shopping, giving customers a choice to shop a new way or a pre-existing way. For existing stores its easy to keep the store as is and add eTags to existing displays, giving customers and associates an option to use their smart phones and tablets to engage in a new retail experience.

Practical Data

Our system collects vast amounts of data, empowering your team to review and analyze the impact on sales, conversion rates and associate productivity.

Tailored Solutions

We tailor our system to match your brand and requirements for in-store experience.