Q: I know Hointer sells jeans. So is Hointer a retail or technology company?
A: Hointer is a technology company that uses its own stores to continuously test out new ideas before they are rolled out to partner stores. Hointer stores are fun to visit if you want to witness the cutting edge of retail innovation.
Q: What does the back room look like?
A: Our back room provides an innovative solution to manage inventory very efficiently. It is so efficient that it takes under 30 seconds to deposit an item into fitting room once it was requested by customer. We'll tell you more once we start working together.
Q: Not all of my customers have smart phones. Can I still use Hointer?
A: You bet. Hointer provides specially designed software for store associates that turns them into miracle workers. Armed with tablets they can shop for several customers at a time, while also providing product insights and style suggestions.
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