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  • Extended Tag (eTag tm)

    Hointer Extended Tag (eTag) are a simple way for customers and sales associates to learn about products in the physical store and take the next step toward purchase. eTags are interactive and dynamic, displaying personalized content for each individual customer. They are also a great sales assistance tool designed to help associates answer customer questions on the spot.

Extended Tag (eTag) Experience

  • Customers scan or tap items with either their mobile phones or store tablets to get detailed product information and watch media clips with product highlights.

  • The Customer App provides personalized recommendations, style ideas, fit suggestions, and customer reviews.

  • Sales Associates can dynamically access product information and FAQ and are instantly aware of what customers are finding interesting within the store.
  • Watch the Video

    This quick video will guide you through the eTags experience and how it works.


  • Product Details

    Instead of researching products online, customers instantly learn about the product in hand: what materials are used, how the product fits, customer reviews on the product and more. Customers hold the product and read about it all at the same time – that’s cool!
  • Personalization

    Customers will have fun exploring their personalized page.  On the page, customers will also learn about similar items they might want to buy.
  • News and Marketing

    Your marketing team can instantly share messages with customers, letting them know about new arrivals or displaying a beautiful ad.
  • Promotions

    Your marketing team can personalize promotions based on customers’ purchasing history and shopping frequency and push those promotions to customers’ smartphones.
  • Sales Assistance

    Sales associates instantly know who is shopping at the store and what they are looking at now. For example, associates can see that an established customer Ann Smith, who purchased the following items in the past, now selected three items to try on.
  • Associate Training

    It’s hard to keep up with new products. Now associates have access to all necessary information and FAQs right at their fingertips.
  • Hointer Cloud

    All software runs in the cloud so no heavy-duty computer equipment is required in the store.
  • Big Data

    It’s not just Big, it’s Huge. Your leadership team can masterfully learn customer interactions with products in a physical store: what they like, what they don’t like, and how they shop.

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  • Digital Connection

    Digital Connection is an add-on product to the eTag. It brings relevant and well-curated social media to customers at the best possible moment, when they are exploring the product.
    Digital Connection goes both ways: it also prompts customers to post and tweet while in the store, customers share their experiences and promotions.

Digital Connection Experience

  • Customers use the app to access your social media content and view images, videos, pins, tweets and other content from popular social media sites including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Customers also share their experience as well as coupons with friends, family and community by posting from the app to social media.

  • Sales associates access relevant social media product guides and fashion blogs to make on-the-spot recommendations.


  • Social Media

    When customers are exploring the product and holding it in hand, the beat of social media is most helpful. Customers can now see which celebrities are wearing the item, view style guides, and interact with friends and other customers.
  • Custom Content

    Retailer's marketing team can use hashtags and search terms to fine-tune the social media content that reaches customers.
  • Sales Assistance

    Sales associates instantly get fun social media tidbits relevant to specific product to share with customers. For example, “this is the most frequently pinned product”, or “5 customers tweeted about this item in the last day”
  • Crowd-source Your Style

    Not quite sold on a look? Customers can simply connect with friends via social networks while shopping to get feedback and advice from their friends or get an approval from the spouse.
  • Share Experience

    Customers use the app to post product reviews and share their experience using social platforms of their choice, generating media content for other customers to enjoy everywhere.
  • Share Coupons

    Customers can let their friends know about cool promotions and discounts they discovered, quickly and easily sharing with the click of a button.

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  • Omnicart tm

    Omnicart is a powerful extension of eTag application. It empowers customers to shop with their mobile devices in the physical store, home, or on-the-go. It provides a true Omni-Channel experience.

Omnicart Experience

  • Customers add items to their shopping carts by tapping eTags in-store or by browsing Omnicart at home. They receive product suggestions and recommendations in real time.

  • Customers instantly find sizes and colors available locally in-store or at any other location where the retailer carries inventory. Customers’ phones become remote controls to the physical store.

  • With one click, customers can checkout on their mobile devices or at the sales counter.
  • Watch the Video

    This quick video will guide you through the Omnicart experience and how it works.


  • eTag Features

    Omnicart includes all eTag features and allows customers to instantly learn about the product in hand and get personalized content for each individual customer. 

  • Shop Anywhere

    Customers use the Hointer App to shop in-store or on-the-go, merging the two experiences. For example, customers viewing a history of what they looked at, liked, and didn’t like in the store can more easily shop from home.
  • Access All Inventory Anywhere

    Not only can customers see items in the store, but also they can now access inventory at any other location where the retailer carries inventory, significantly increasing in-store selection.
  • Inventory Reduction

    Online customers can shop for inventory in physical stores; customers in stores can seamlessly order products from anywhere in the network. Shared inventory across locations is a dream come true with plenty of opportunity for inventory reduction.
  • Size Selection

    Omnicart makes it easy to find available sizes and colors, ensuring that if a size is available anywhere the retailer carries it, the customer can buy it. When customers tap an item they instantly see what is available locally and remotely and they can order remote items for in-store pickup or home delivery.

  • Suggestions

    Customers receive additional product suggestions based on what they're interested in, as well as their shopping history. They can discover something entirely new to complete that perfect outfit.
  • Big Data

    Your leadership team can track all customer interactions in a physical store - everything the customer tried on and didn’t buy, all prior purchases, conversion rates, and visit frequencies.
  • Hointer Cloud

    All software runs in the cloud so no heavy-duty computer equipment is required in the store.

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  • Associate Tools

    Elevate sales associates to sales experts by providing relevant product information to help answer customers’ questions.

    Increase sales by smartly increasing the number of items customers try on.  Provide associates with information about customers shopping in the store.

Associate Tools Experience

  • Sales Associates continuously learn about customers who are shopping in the store and see their current interests as well as past likes and dislikes.

  • Sales Associates share suggestions and recommendations with customers using rich digital content.

  • Suggest similar items to try on with a single tap, add matching tops, bottoms and accessories to customers' fitting rooms and shopping carts.


  • Increased Sales

    Increase sales through increasing the number of items customers try on by suggesting similar or matching products. Add items directly to customers' shopping carts and fitting rooms.
  • Increased Conversion

    Out of a size? Associates can instantly lookup in-stock levels for the product in hand, and seamlessly order from anywhere in the network.
  • Associate Training

    New associates having a hard time keeping up with new products? Now they always have necessary information at their fingertips.
  • Sales Assistance

    Sales associates instantly know who is shopping at the store, past purchases, and current interests.
  • Product Details

    Associates instantly learn about the product in the customer's hand, what materials are used, how it fits, and which celebrity tweets.

  • Product Suggestions

    Associates can search through products based on a customer's preferences, providing style recommendations based on popular Tweets and Pinboards.

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  • Whoosh Fitting Rooms

    WHOOSH is a high performance, high conversion “try on” area. It could be implemented as a private fitting room, as an open sitting area, or as a product pickup station. It's a great addition to Omnicart and can be used to try on or play with many products, including clothing, shoes, jewelry, toys and electronics.

Whoosh Fitting Rooms Experience

  • Items selected by customers arrive in 30 seconds with a WHOOSH making it easy for customers to try on many items and request additional sizes.

  • Both sales associates and computers add matching items to fitting rooms to increase sales. A wall-mounted tablet displays relevant media and product information.

  • When customers toss items down the chute, items are instantly removed from customers’ shopping carts, supporting a one-click mobile checkout.


  • High Performance

    Many walk-in customers are hesitant to go through the friction of trying items on. Making shopping fun and easy naturally increases the number of customers willing to head for the fitting room.
  • High Conversion

    Online recommendations are powerful. Recommendations in the fitting room are 10X more powerful. Hointer direct fitting room recommendations will increase sales by as much as 20%, making it the most important feature of Whoosh Fitting Room.
  • Never Wait in Line

    If all fitting rooms are occupied, the Hointer App notifies a customer when his/her fitting room is ready.  This allows customers to continue browsing and selecting more items instead of waiting in line.

  • Select Sizes

    Need a different size? Customers can simply select other sizes from their phone or by using installed fitting room tablets.  They watch items appear in their fitting rooms within 30 seconds. If the desired size is not available in the local store, customers can order for home delivery from another store with one click.
  • Social Media

    When trying on an item, customer can read what others are saying about it or watch celebrities wearing similar items. Customers can also use social media to get their friends' feedback or quickly obtain spousal approval.
  • One-click Checkout

    The system knows exactly what customers are buying. Customers can efficiently check out with their mobile phones or with the Kiosk. No need to waste associates' time with a tedious checkout process.

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  • Micro-Warehouse tm

    Micro-Warehouse is a powerful extension of the Omnicart application. Conventional wisdom says that it is cheaper to fulfill online than sell product instore. Micro-Warehouse turns the table, making stores cheaper to operate than online stores.
    Micro-Warehouse reduces store footprint, increases store selection, eliminates store shrinkage and converts stores into efficient high-tech shopping and shipping hubs located closer to customers.

Micro-Warehouse Experience

  • No piles, no clutter and displays are maintenance-free.

  • With only one of each item displayed, there are endless ways to highlight the beauty of the product and have room to increase selection.

  • Tight and effortless in-store inventory control, the dream of any supply chain.


  • Smaller Footprint

    The Hointer approach removes clutter from the shop floor and enables easy product discovery.
  • Stores Can Ship

    Any store can ship orders directly to customers. The system cleverly detects when associates are not busy helping customers and assigns simple shipping tasks to them. Robust inventory control enables accurate fulfillment.

  • Inventory Control

    Your supply chain will have real-time accurate tracking of inventory anywhere in the store, including displays, customer carts, fitting rooms, folding tables and storage areas.
  • Reduced Inventory

    Customers are able to place orders for merchandise available in any other store in the retailer’s network. Customers shopping online gain access to inventory in physical stores.
  • Order Pickup

    The system enables designated order pickup stations. When customers place their orders instore or online, purchased items are directed to numbered pickup stations, providing a convenient way to pickup online orders in stores.
  • Big Data

    Track all customer interactions with product in a physical store - everything customers tried on and didn't buy, all prior purchases, conversion rates and visit frequencies.
  • Eliminated Shrinkage

    With its mobile shopping system and physical item-level inventory control, Hointer practically eliminates shrinkage.
  • Same Day Delivery

    Hointer technology comes with full integration with Google Express Shopping and eBay Now program.
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