Solutions for Retailers
Revolutionize Your Retail Experience, One Step at a Time!

Start with our simplest solution: eTags with Digital Connection and Associate Tools. Later on, upgrade Digital Connection to Omnicart. Increase your sales by adding Whoosh Fitting rooms for trying products. Lower your costs and make shipping from stores easy by introducing Microwarehouse. Experience the Hointer suite of products all at once or deploy them gradually, product-by-product.
All Hointer products can peacefully co-exist with an old way of shopping, giving customers a choice to shop a new way or a pre-existing way. For existing stores we recommend keeping the store as is and adding eTags to existing displays, giving customers and associates an option to use their smartphones and tablets to engage in a new retail experience.
Our system collects vast amount of data, empowering your team to review and analyze the impact on sales, conversion rates and associate productivity.
The system works well for Apparel, Shoes, Jewelry, Electronics, Groceries, Home, Office and many other products.
"Our manpower needs have been reduced from about four to five staff members on weekdays and up to six or seven on weekends, on average, to only three at any point in time. More importantly, it offers a different, ‘cooler’ shopping experience," said Mr. Phua, Chief Operations Officer, MDS.

Get going today by contacting Hointer. Here's what comes next:
Phone Conference
We ask for 30 minutes of your time, over the phone or in person, to learn about your store and customer experience. We will use that information to recommend the right set of Hointer products and develop a proposal for you.
We’ll send you a proposal for the first pilot store or stores.
We will ask you to pick a few products and we will set them up in the Hointer system. From there, we will create test tags and mail them to you, empowering your team to test the software and get the feel for customer experience.

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